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A long awaited tour to Siberia
Our American friends in Omsk.

You see us at the entrance to the museum of Civil War in Russia- the only one of this kind in the country. Impressive with a lot of interesting information!

We had also our sightseeing tour of Omsk. Now is time for an active part of our adventure in Siberia: we take part in the 'Merry competitions' and afterwards start rafting on the river Om.
That is how rafts are being assembled
Our starting point is somewhat 35 km away from the heart of the city. But here you have everything different: no cars, no crowds- just nature and huge anthills!
The competition
As rafts are being assembled, we get ready for our competitions!
So we start
We have four active participants in all- everybody is eager to win! Here we test the first stage.
No easy tasks
As we progress with the competitions it becomes clear that some stages are really difficult.
An easy stage
Throwing darts is relatively easy, but if you miss- you get 10 second's fine!
Huge anthills nearby. Interesting: what do ants think about our activities?
Friendship wins
The competition is over, we have our winners, but no losers- friendship wins!

The rafts are assembled, we start carring them to water.
We paddle away
So we paddle away. The estimated time of our arrival to finish is 3 hours. We must cover the distance of 10 kilometers.
Waiting for brave paddlers
Here you see the last turn of the river. We are waiting for our brave paddlers to turn up.

Nearly three hours have passed. Cell phones do not work in the area, we just have to wait!

As it was very windy at some points- the current was no help indeed.
Got it!
Yes, there we are. The first raft is in sight.
The second raft is also there!
We have finished within the time set for the rafting tour!

We will long remember this interesting tour to Siberia.