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Visiting Arlekin
Translation by Helen Urazova

The first international festival of puppet theatres Visiting Arlekin has gathered on Omsk stage 17 theatrical troupes from all over the world. The festival is held from 14 till 21of September with support of Omsk oblast Administration and the Union of Theatrical Workers of Russian Federation. On the playbill there are performances of the puppeteers from Russia and Belarus, Bulgaria and Great Britain, Germany and Israel, Iran and China, as well as from Mexico, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Sweden, and Estonia. The theatrical forum is held on a competitive basis, and an international jury is headed by the world-known historian and theorist of the puppet show Henrik Jurkovsky (Poland). The jury is to determine the laureates of the awards: The Best Performance, The Best Direction, The Best Decorative Design, The Best Score, The Best Actor Play, and The Novelty of the Festival. Besides that the festival is aimed at becoming the place of experience exchange of the world puppeteers that are invited by the organizers for the whole period of the theatrical forum.

Every year dozens of thousands of Omsk spectators are given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the creative work of the most famous Russian and foreign troupes and outstanding performers. With the support of Omsk oblast Administration and the Union of Theatrical Workers of Russia international festival Young theaters of Russia is traditionally held in the region. This festival represents the diversity of the results of work of young professional groups of the country and the whole world. In Omsk Oblast All-Russian festival Panorama of Music Theatres of Russia, and International theatrical festival Academy are also held. Now the international festival of puppet theatres Visiting Arlekin has been organized , which is the most large-scale festival within the territory of Siberian region.

For a long time the region has been enjoying the reputation of one of the leading theatrical centers of the country as well as the authority of the power that supports culture. Creative groups from all over the world with pleasure present their works of art to the judgment of exacting Omsk spectators.

Today Omsk oblast forms a part of 6 regions that are the most complete with the theaters of all types, including drama, music, Theaters of Young Spectators, and childrens theatres. In Omsk region there are 5,5 theatres per 1 million people. At the average in the country the figure is 3,2 theatres per 1 million people. With the support of the regional authorities within the latest five years there took place a large-scale reconstruction of the building of Omsk State Academic Drama Theatre, and a grand reconstruction of Organ and Chamber Music Hall where today celebrities of world-wide reputation perform with pleasure. Also the building of childrens Theatre of Puppet, Actor and Mask Arlekin has been reconstructed, and the interior of Omsk State Chamber Fifth theatre has been renovated. The youngest professional theatre of Omsk oblast - The Northern Drama Theatre that was created in Tara town has already won fame in the sphere of Russian theatrical art with its performances.
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