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Omsk flax
Translated by Xenia Buchko, Omsk.

France. Normandy. Line Festival, July 2009.

Little, cosy towns with beautiful names like Rouen, Dieppe, St. Valery.
The mouth of the main France river - Seine.

The fields within the frame of the red poppies are neatly sown with line.

It was Omsk delegation that caused a furor at Festival.
It took place in the very heart of Europes line processing.

Omsk region lacks rich deposits of oil and gas which are mainly centered in the depths of Tomsk and Tyumen regions.

Forest is a good thing.
But it takes long time to cultivate it and not all of it is suitable for usage.

How much better is line! When the appropriate technics are satisfied you can reap really heavy harvest even in our rather inhospitable climate.
And this is such to say a renewable resource spring comes and it is high time for sowing, and then autumn is round the corner. This process repeats year after year.

Until recently regions line sector as well as in Russia at all was in a sad state.
There was a kind of deadlock. It is quite possible to cultivate long fiber but to process it you have to send it to central Russia where they have enough line of their own and overall the transportation will cost you a lot. Are we at a loss? Blind alley?

Nothing of the kind. There appeared such wise heads who have done almost impossible- they got down to adoption of new technologies and it doesnt take them long to score a success.

The fact that Omsk delegation took part at line Festival in France in July, 2009 shows us that the wise heads are on the right way.

It is well-known that the line sector in Europe is also having a hard time (only take into account the competition from India and China).
France, Holland and Belgium are the only three countries left working with line on the industrial level.
And the French are the leaders as they cultivate and process 80% of the whole European line.
This is quite understandable they are the pace-setters and the clothes made of line is popular in Europe.

The French also realize the necessity to find some new spheres for using line.
But as well as all Europeans do they work in the area of technology path which means that they use long fibre to produce ecological heaters and so on.

Thats exactly why the development of Russian scientists with the usage of short fibre without no exaggeration made a splash at Festival.
Everybody wished Omsk delegation to achieve success in advancing new technologies and the words said were sincere.

One should realize that for the people living in Normandy where the climatic conditions are only suitable for cultivating line in France this very crop has a centuries-old traditions.
They are used to talk about the generation of people processing line and call their ancestors proudly metre de lin (the master of line).

Those who have ever seen how blooms line resembling blue sea, how it stands in the fields of Normandy like a green wall only those can easily understand national pride of the people living in the north of France.

Now it can also be applied to a special pride of the residents of Omsk as it is the north part of Omsk region which is becoming the center of advanced manufacturing sciences of line processing in Russia.

Line is already in Znamenka, Muromtcevo and Bolshie Uki.
Line is confidently striding on the spaces in the north of Omsk region.

Lets wish the innovators of the line success and strength.
As all pioneers they have enough difficulties.
But the magical line is worth to cope with all of them with no exception.

Youd better come and see how blooms Omsk line, how it shines under pale north sky and you will also become the worshipper of the line magician.
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