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Swedish Ikea in Omsk
Translation by Ann Shutova, Omsk

It took several years to realize this large-scale project. This project has become anniversary one, the 300th for Swedish company for the whole period of their work.
To open a new hypermarket with the area of 130 thousand sq. m. there personally arrived the Governor of Omsk region Leonid Polezhaev and the general director of 'Ikeya' in Russia and CIS Per Kaufman. 'We are glad that we could find necessary arguments for opening 'Ikeya' in Omsk in due time' began the ceremony Leonid Polezhaev. 'Now Omsk people have a hypermarket of real European standard. And foreign investors will understand that it is profitable to put considerable sums of money in our region'.

'In fact we will recommend Omsk region to everyone who will ask for our opinion' said Mr. Kaufman in turn. 'I should personally say thank to Leonid Konstantinovich and to the whole Government of the region for their effective support and help in realization of this project in Omsk ».

Media Markt opens in Omsk
The first Siberian home appliances and electronics store Media Markt opens in Omsk.

In the forth quarter of 2009 MediaMarkt Saturn that runs the network of home appliances and electronics stores Media Markt (15 stores) opens in Omsk the first hypermarket in Siberia, the press-service of the company informed Taiga.info on September, 2nd.

The store opens in Omsk at boulevard of Architects 35, the interlocutor said.

Media Markt will become one of the main tenants in the Shopping Center Mega (opened in July, 2009). The Total area of hypermarket will be 6500 sq.m with trading area of 4400 sq.m. The range of goods will reach more than 45 000 units. The wide range of large and fine home appliances, computer hardware and software, TV, video and audio equipment, photo and video cameras, telephones, portable entertainment devices, CD, DVD and mp3 disks, and telecommunication equipment will be presented in Media Markt.

"We continue the expansion of Media Markt in Russia and we are glad to enter Omsk market. This city has a significant economic potential that gives us an opportunity for further development of our network," said Bernd Guralchik the general director of Co Ltd MediaMarkt Saturn. Up to the end of the year 2009 the company plans to open 4 new hypermarkets in Russia.

Media Markt is a part of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH and it is a trading unit of German Metro Group. The company started to enter Russian market in December, 2006. Now the network includes 15 stores: 6 in Moscow, 4 in St.-Petersburg, 2 in Rostov-on-Don, 2 in Samara and 1 in Krasnodar.

Now three federal networks of home appliances and electronics are presented in Omsk: Eldorado, Technosila and M.Video.
Translation by Omsk interpreter Tatyana Kirpichnikova.

The international trade chain of DIY format Castorama has opened the first hypermarket in Omsk, as Russian daily newspaper Kommersant reports. According to the General Manager of the company Castorama-Rus (Russian department of Castorama) Oleg Pisklov, the sixth company’s hypermarket in Russia was opened on the territory of the business centre Continent. The hypermarket Castorama in Omsk will have an area of 12,8 thousand square kilometers and the sales area of 9 thousand square kilometers. The volume of investments into Omsk project and the payback period are not disclosed.
According to the issue, in Priirtyshie there is one more high roller of the DIY format – hypermarket Baucenter. The executives of Baucenter think that the establishment of Castorama will not have any effect on the company’s plans.
Castorama is a member of the British group Kingfisher, which is the first in Europe and the third in the world chain of hypermarkets of the DIY format. Today Castorama is developing this chain in Russia. Five hypermarkets have already been opened.