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AVA in Vienna&Prague
Translated by Omsk interpreter Alexandra Lopatina.

Within the framework of presentation of Omsk region in Vienna and Prague, that will take place from 22 to 26 September, business circles of the region are going to present their opportunities, projects and products to the potential partners.

Omsk companies are planning to establish large-scale business contacts with the leading foreign firms of Europe. The largest woodworking enterprise behind the Urals, the AVA Company, is on the delegation of Omsk region. This enterprise specializes in production of furniture workpiece of exceptionally high quality – glazed boards, made of natural monolithic wood, predominantly of birch.

Omsk woodworking production was started up in November 2007, but it has strong reasons to count upon the interest of European furniture manufactures towards the new market participant. The prices of birch on the world market are equal to the prices of fine wood. Furniture boards, made of it, are wearproof, easy to process, and what is the most important – ecological, because they do not evolve the decay products of chemical compounds. The new manufacture of furniture boards are planning to occupy its niche on the market of furniture boards made of birch. By the way, use of high-technology equipment from the leading companies of Germany and Austria ensures advanced specification of the AVA Company.

The large-scale investment project on the deep processing of hardwood was powered by the Government of Omsk region. Trojka Dialogue Group of Companies acted as the investor. The investment program of the project on developing of woodworking production is meant for the increase in volumes of harvesting and deep processing of wood up to 300 thousands m/3 a year. The raw material supply of the enterprise is over 9, 5 million m/3.

A closed Joint-Stock Company “AVA Company” was set up in 2004. At present, it is a holding company with the leading woodworking plant in Omsk and two branches, specialized in harvesting in Sedelnikovski and Tarski regions.

Currently, the inventory of adult and overripe wood in Omsk region is estimated in the volume of more than 205 million m. Natural annual height increment of different types of wood is from 6 to 7 million m. The region is interested in the realization of such a major project in the region of woodworking, because it means the development of the existent in Omsk region resort raw materials base and the advancing of timber-cutting, traditional for the region.