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Beer barley
Translated by Omsk interpreter Alexandra Lopatina.

According to the data from 15 September, more than 60 percent of malt barley crop acreages were harvested in Omsk region. Today this crop
is grown in eight districts of the region. In 2008, 12 390 hectares were seeded with barley.

As predicted by the specialists of the regional Ministry of Agriculture, the harvest will amount to about 25 thousand tones, three thousands of which will be left as the seeds for the future crop. Omsk beer producers are planning to purchase about 9 thousand tones of grain, which meets the requirements of brewing. Already next year, Omsk agricultural commodity producers should purvey 20 thousand tones of grain for the company SUN InBev alone.

Annual demand for raw materials of Omsk branch of brewing company is about 150 thousand tones of barley. In this volume a little more than 13,5 percent fall at the part of Omsk farms. In Omsk branch it is expected that the gradual increase in volumes of crop acreages will help the residents of Omsk to meet the annual demand of enterprises for raw materials.

As the experts of SUN InBev conclude, Omsk region is one of few regions of Russia, which falls under the so called barley area, according to its climatic characteristics. Barley had been grown here in pre-revolutionary times, but currently this area of focus is not traditional for Omsk agribusiness industry. The company counts upon the small farms and guarantees them the procurement of barley at market prices. The government of Omsk region supports this project and establishes favourable treatment for its realization.

A programme was developed for the support of malt barley production in Omsk region for the period from 2008 to 2013. By 2010, the output of malt barley production is supposed to increase to 60 thousand tones, and in 2013 - to 110 thousand tones. New kinds of barley are under active studies now.