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Omsk based beer factory
During the days of celebration of Omsk City Day the delegation of German tourists visited the Omsk branch of the company SanInBev, the largest Russian brewing holding and with its international participations in fact one of the biggest holdings in the world.

Stuttgart, September 1st, 2009

Omsk has an old tradition of its "birthday" celebration. On the first Saturday and Sunday of August the city welcomes numerous visitors from Russia and the near and far abroad.

According to the deep-seated tradition, there comes a numerous group of German tourists from the Baikal region these days. The program of their staying in the city and in the region includes visiting of the Siberian cultural center, house-museum of Kondratiy Belov, the village Tsvetnopolje and the Azov German national district.

In 2009, Omsk part offered for the first time to visit Omsk branch of "SanInBev" company. German operators agreed with this offer because during the previous visits to Omsk German tourists had appreciated the taste of Omsk beer at its true value: some people had taken several bottles to Germany for their relatives to try. This was a symbolic event because since a tourist always faces the limited choice – only two bottles on a person are allowed for moving through customs – the majority chooses vodka.

Exactly at noontime on July 31st, 2009 the delegation arrived to the factory. At the clockhouse German tourists were met by Tatyana Trikole the chief of the service of public relations of Omsk branch of holding. Production departments, laboratories and tasting room where visitors could taste the best grades of beer brewed in Omsk were shown to the guests. Everyone enjoyed Omsk beer. Visitors asked many questions. The question "why in many Omsk restaurants there is no Omsk beer?" was brought up especially often. In fact if you come to Bavaria (and there were the representatives of this state in the delegation), there you can taste "local" beer everywhere, and the locals prefer to consume "their" drink.

The following dinners and suppers at restaurants of the city confirmed this tendency. People in Moscow and Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk prefer "Sibirskaya Korona" (one of the best brands of the Omsk factory), but in Omsk for some reason this delicious draught beer from kagg can be found without problem only in specialized restaurants "Sibirskaya Korona". Oh this mysterious Russian (Omsk) soul!

My friends ask me whether I occasionally have one little bottle of "Sibirskaya Korona" left. Should they try happiness in a Russian shop in Stuttgart or should I offer them to go to Omsk with a group once again?

To Siberia! To "Sibirskaya Korona"!

Cornelia Drixler

Translation by Ann Shutova, Omsk
Tour-leader of German group