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Irtysh river dam in Omsk

The dam needs to be done.
President approved.

Specialist say that the problems with Irtysh, which provides 90% of all demands in water resources, can impede functioning of not only certain enterprises but these problems also can disturb the economy of Omsk region. Besides, a steady water supply is essential for realization of national projects.

That's why the federal government needs to be involved into solving the problem. The statistics has been given to prove this point. The length of Irtysh within Russia is 2,1 thousand km, particularly on the Omsk territory its 1,1 thousand km. Compare: within the territory of Kazakhstan the length of the river is 1,8 thousand km, in China 525 km. Kazakhstan consumes 3,8 cubic km, China 1 km, Russia 0,43 cubic km, and Omsk region takes 0,36 km₃ out of this. Specialists forecast increase in water consumption in all countries and regions near Irtysh by 2030 by 3-4 times.

Taking into account climate changes (the rise of average temperature, decrease of snow mass by 10-15 %, according to this forecast the river runoff is going to decrease by 20%), CEO of public company irtyshskoie rechnoie parohodstvo Ivan Yankovsky said that shipment of goods to the north of the region by Irtysh is going to remain the only way of transporting goods for quite a long time. This year the company transported nearly 500 thousand tons of goods for residents of the region.

"Previously we were transporting through Omsk port more than 30 mln of cargos" says Ivan Yankovsky. Many people remember that earlier we were able to transport goods to Pavlodar by Irtysh. Now its not possible".
According to Ivan Yankovsky soon the navigation can be ceased by the reason of gradual shallowing of Irtysh. Specialists are of the opinion that river problems can be solved by building waterworks on Irtysh and its better to do it within the territory of Omsk region.
According to Omsk specialists, federal departments support regional government in their initiative to build new waterworks.

Leonid Polezhaev, Governor of Omsk region, discussed river problems with federal departments and won understanding and support. Participants of parliament hearings were of the same opinion that the dam on Irtysh needs to be built, and the sooner the better, because it will help to avoid many problems. Participants recommended Omsk government that it continued on building waterworks and take measures to raise federal funds and attract investors. The next stage is to get official experts report and onle then it will be possible to begin preliminary activities.
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