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Omskvinprom-best vodka producer in Siberia
Translation by Omsk interpreter Mary Konovalova.

Omskvinproms product vodkaPyat Ozer.

The market shares of all Siberian alcohol manufacturers has changed dramatically since the year 2007. Traditional market leaders, Mariinskiy alcohol enterprise and Bajkalfarm gave the pas to Omskvinprom. Market participants think that reason of the alcohol market leader switch is the change of the consumer preferences.

Marketing agency .Business Analitika. informs that marketing shares of Mariinskiy enterprise decreased dramatically from 8,3% to 4,8%. However negative dynamics has become an inherent feature for all the players- Osha, Vinap, etc. Exceptions are Omskvinprom, which has moved from the 3d place to the first one and Istkylstkij alcohol enterprise which raised its shares by 0,6%.

Andrey Strelets, a chief executive officer and joint owner of Omskvinprom thinks that success of the enterprise is the result of organized distribution network in other regions of Russia, cooperation with serious wholesalers as well as solemn marketing budget- $5 million per year. The decrease of other competitorss market shares Strelets explained as a result of insignificant expanding distribution in other regions .Obviously Mariinskij and Bajkalfarm have concentrated all the efforts on the local market. . But it is very hard to keep your market share without expanding distribution network.

In Siberian alcohol enterprise, to which the business of Mariinskij was transferred, gave no comments about the situation. However Andrey Chernaev Baikalfarms manager of market administration doesnt agree with the Business Analitika appraisal. It is true that Omskvinprom is ahead right now, but we are rising vodka output and increasing our market share- assures Chernaev. Most part of our production is being sold in Byratia, Irkytsk and Chita regions, but we also plan to spread sales to the west market, as well as to try to launch new brands and award fees. Chernaev says that major of Siberian alcohol manufacturers found themselves in a hard economical situation in 2006. One of the Novosibirsks alcohol enterprises representatives, who didnt want to name himself, said that the production of local manufacturers has been pressed by federal brands as well as by cheap vodka from Kazakhstan.

A sudden success of subsidiary to Russian alcohol enterprise of Itkytsks enterprise that outrun another Omsk based group Osha, market members explain with its partnership with Pernord Richard. The brand of vodka Altai which is the property of Pernord Richard, is being bottled by the Istkyl enterprise and being exported in other countries very actively- Strelets points out. The sales agent of the Pernod Ricard representative office, Oleg Bykin, agrees that total sales of Atai have risen by 25% in 2006. But the positive dynamics of the enterprise is the result of chief executive officer Victor Syrkovs competent administration mainly, Oleg Bykin thinks.

Vecheslav Ylanov, manager of Istkylsks alcohol enterprise thinks that the absence of the major brand is the main problem of Mariinskii enterprise, that also prevents it from spreading enterprises sales. He points out weak competitiveness of Siberian enterprises. The majority of local enterprises are in critical state- Mr. Ylanov says- Zmeinogorskiy Kamenskiy and Bijskiy factories almost stopped working, and the supervisory control system was brought into action in the Barnayls enterprise. Vinap, alcohol enterprise in Novosibirsk stopped working and vacated space in the market.

Barnaulsk enterprisess legal department manager Igor Korolev assured the introduction of the bankruptcy procedure in March, pointing out factory sales problems for the last few years.
Federal alcohol enterprises think that local players wont be able to compete with them. Konstantin Popov the vice-president of RWSC says that the federals will press local manufacturers with their well-known brands. But Vladimir Ivanov, assistant director of Russian alcohol considers Omskvinprom the only worthy competitor among Siberian manufacturers. Omsk dealers have a science-market approach to business development, he says. Other market players which used to dominate because of the governmental protectionism as I can see have no stable market policy now.

The best vodka in Siberia
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