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New industrial platform
The new industrial platform is created in the Omsk region.

The Omsk region has started creation of a new industrial platform which becomes the basis of regional economy of new type providing stable rates of growth, leadership in the industries of agrarian and industrial complex, and also execution of a national priority on modernization.

2010 should become year of a steady growth of the economy of the region due to innovative break. It has been declared on Thursday, on February, 25th, at the expanded session of Legislative Assembly of Omsk region ,on which the Plan of action of the Government on social and economic development of area for 2010 has been presented. On behalf of the regional cabinet the first vice-president of the Government of Omsk region Andrey Besshtanko has assessed the main results of 2009 and has stated an essence of the basic planned actions.

The largest and most important project in capacity of 180 billion roubles is creation of a new innovative industrial platform. This scale project has been presented by Governor Leonid Polezhaev to the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev during recent visit of the head of the state to Omsk region. The new innovative industrial platform unites four industrial clusters: agroindustrial biocluster with the input of the first industrial objects in the end of 2010, petrochemical cluster with a factory already practically ready to start on manufacture of polypropylene and creation in the long term a complex of the interconnected petrochemical manufactures in northwest industrial unit of Omsk. Timber industry cluster assumes creation of a complex of manufactures of the wood and activated coal, wood and plastic composites, and also pulp-and-paper combine with nanotechnology application . And the fourth - silicon cluster within the limits of which manufacture on a full cycle of repartitions of silicon will be created, to release of polycrystalline and metallurgical silicon, and also plates for solar power, microelectronics and ultraprecise optics. Into this cluster also will enter and factory already created in Kazakhstan on manufacture of metallurgical silicon. All industrial objects should be entered till 2013. Creation of 30 thousand workplaces, maintenance of annual gain WDM on 5 %, and also receipts in the regional budget of the order 20 billion roubles .

In 2010 it is planned to start the complex innovative system providing interrelation of processes of formation of ideas and technological needs, approbations of new technologies, products and their conclusion to commodity markets. First of all, it is technopark of precision mechanical engineering on the basis of a modular factory. Inherently it becomes the powerful center of development and duplicating of optimum models of reconstruction of capacities of any machine-building manufacture. In this system are organically entered industrial park on the basis of polypropylene manufactures, and also the center of a transfer of technologies which should appear in it to year. It will be, as a matter of fact, a platform on "cultivation" of the small companies which are letting out competitive production.
For realization of problems in modernizations and to updating of regional economy available institutes of development of investments and innovations will be as much as possible full used all. Including resources of fund of sowing financing « Russian венчурной the companies » (РВК) and state corporations " Роснанотех ", Investment fund and the Foreign trade and investment bank. Since 2011 the investment fund is transferred regions which will independently spend selection of projects for financing. Therefore in 2010 it is planned to prepare a pool of projects which meet all federal requirements, hence, can operatively receive means for development. For such projects and attraction of investment financing in Omsk area the special regional investment company is created. In the near future its accreditation is planned at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, the Russian nanotechnology corporation and РВК.
Thus, the Plan of action of the Government stipulates the whole complex of actions for creation and developments of base elements which allow to provide preservation of positions and growth of economy the nearest years so, stability and social guarantees of citizens.