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Mistery of five lakes
Thousands of years ago 5 fragments of a huge meteorite hit Siberia in the region of Omsk and made round holes which then were filled with living water. Thus appeared 'space-born' lakes Linevo, Danilovo, Urmannoe, Indovo and the most mysterious lake - the Secret Lake.....

Another quite interesting place there is Okunjovo which is considered to be one of the most mystereous and sacred places in Siberia. Archeological researches, legends and present-day evidence prove that the place used to be an ancient religious center. We're offering you to join the pilgrims and get a charge of positive space energy!The old temple of Monkey-God is hidden under the earths surface near a small Siberian village of Okunjovo, as a famous Indian prophet thinks Russian researches of anomalous phenomena are also sure that the so-called sacral place is situated there secret gates to parallel worlds. However, researches, representing official science, just shrug their shoulders with irony to such assertions. Where lies the truth and who of them is right?
Those who visit the place with a wish to see a miracle, are often disappointed. Okunjovo appears to be an ordinary Siberian village. It is situated, true enough, in the picturesque place on the steep bank of the Tara river. It distinguishes from the neighboring villages only because for many years archeologists from Omsk have been carrying out excavations there, opening ancient burial grounds searching for different articles of ancient ages. When you ask them about Okunjovo miracles, you will hear evasive answers -perhaps and possibly. But very famous Indian saint Sai-Baba, who is far from archeology, claims that it is exactly there where the majestic Old-Indian temple of Hanuman Monkey-God was towering in the Old Ages. Talking about that with professor Matutschenko, the leader of the archeologists, the answer always is: Of course, there is no doubt in existing stratum of Indo-European origin in Western Siberia, but concerning Hanuman temple.
However, people thirsting for something mysterious traverse dozens, hundreds and even thousands kilometers to come there and see a miracle. The stream of the curious in increasing with every year.
The people in Omsk had never heard before about supernatural things happening there and were keeping a critical eye on the small village that unexpectedly became famous. But it turned out that the villagers have been observing supernatural phenomena for a long time. There are enigmatic luminescences coming up to the night sky in colorful rays, frequent appearances of UFOs, pits of mysterious origin near the village of Poretchje. Old residents tell about many other things, for example the legend of Shaitan lake, supposedly connected by underground rivers with another two lakes Linjovo and Danilovo. These three lakes were created thousands years ago in the result of the fall of fragments of a gigantic meteorite. The water of these lakes distinguishes noticeably from that of other taiga lakes. It is very pellucid, saturated with ions of silver and that is why it doesnt spoil for a very long time. But the main point is that it has salubrious properties. Each summer hundreds of eager people come to the Danilovo lake. With the help of this water they claim that they cured their ailments difficult to cure by normal ways.
Evidently, there is a positive energy zone in Okunjovo, which has a wholesome effect on people, in different ways.
Another interesting point is that the name of the Tara river, on the banks of which Okunjovo is located, is translated from the Sanskrit language as savior. And this is another delusive hint, that it is quite possible that the temple of great Indian healer Hanuman could have been placed there 6000 years ago.
May be one day the small Siberian village of Okunjovo will turn into the Salutary Ark?
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