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New Projects in our City
Omsk will be 300 years old in 2016, so some new projects appear.

Preparations for celebration of the tercentenary of Omsk will require 100 milliards roubles.
There is a special program for preparations to the tercentenary of Omsk worked out in Omsk region. There is a plan to spend 100 milliards roubles for the realization of the program, as it was reported to the correspondent of informational agency Regnum in press-cutting service of Legislative Assembly of Omsk region on 16 February. This amount includes 35 milliards roubles from federal budget, 40 milliards roubles from regional budget, 8.8 milliards roubles from the budget of Omsk and 16.2 from not budgetary sources.

Special regional program, aimed at 2008-2016, was worked out together with deputies of Legislative Assembly, specialists of the Ministry of Economy of Omsk region and city administration.

Financing of the program will be arranged in several directions: accomplishment, planting of greenery, architectural-artistic decoration of the central part of Omsk, city parks and squares, building and reconstruction of accommodation, objects of social sphere and engineering infrastructure.

Moreover, means are to be spent on building, reconstruction and modernization of objects of transport infrastructure. In particular, it includes completion of building of embankments of the Irtysh-river and the Om-river, building of waterworks facility on the Irtysh-river for providing with guaranteed water-supply of Omsk, building of circular road of Omsk, international airport “Omsk-Fedorovka”, Omsk underground and reconstruction of the square of the railway station.
Long-term development of Omsk region
Translation of Omsk interpreter Mary Konovalova

Omsk Oblast Governor Mr. L. K. Polezhaev

"Orientation of Omsk Oblast budgetary, economical and social policy in 2009".
/09.30.2008 /

1. Economy
It was in the past and as it is in the present- the economical development is the basis of everything.

Economical policy will be closely connected with a long-term Concept of social and economical development of the Russian Federation till 2020, the priorities of which are as follows:

-Russia's return to the members of world economical leaders, increase of national competitiveness;
-transition to the innovative socially-oriented type of development;
-economical institutes development and support for macro economical stability;
-activization of the external economic policy;
-stress on the regional development;
-development of human potential;

All these points coincide not only with expectations and interests of the region as a part of the whole country but with its strategies that have being realized in practice with the help of programs and plans for a long time.

However, we used to think and think that most of those programs and plans have been made quite a long time ago and technically went out of date, they don't meet time requirements concerning required levels of indexes, finance, organizational and law methods applied practically. And it is not a coincidence that current year is being devoted to modernization of programs, cutting its numbers, with introduction of the new once, doing all these we try to connect it all to general Russian structure.

A lot has been done. As a result Omsk Oblast took part almost in all federal competitions concerning federal programs from those big industrial and infrastructural to small ones dealing with administration only. Omsk Oblast became a member among its beneficiaries and got 4 billion rubles from them which is 1,7 times more than last year.

We are going to continue working in this direction and intensify it. As well as we suggest to fasten the program modernization process and secure its efficiency. In the course of this activity we will pay special attention to concentration of the efforts to form zones with going forward development, the basis of which is competitive benefits of the region, fast staff and technical potential development.

1.1. Industry and innovations.
The first example is zone of innovational development and high tech, which has its project called 'Bioclaster'. The project contains a lot of closely connected big projects from the production of the primary products and raw materials to producing highly qualified products of the highest limit. It also forms super-power, innovative and almost non-waste production field becoming not only industrial leader but a core of Omsk agricultural sector that has a federal importance.

The second zone of leading development is 'Neftekhimicheskiy claster', that intends further development of high-tech oil and petrochemistry processing using stem-by-step approach to produce benzins EURO-4, EURO-5, polypropylene , polystyrene and polycarbonate.

The third zone is a suggestion to develop high tech in machine production field with the emphasis on the gadgets and means of communication, aviation and cosmic technologies, as well as on the equipment needed for oil and gas extraction and processing.

The forth zone is connected with the problem of giving Omsk airport and airfield property to Omsk Oblast, the end of the building of the new international airport 'Omsk-Fedorovka' and creation of the transport-logical centre concerning the new airport opportunities.

The fifth is the project of the dam and storage pond, that has passed almost all necessary federal adjustments needed and it is ready to be launched nowadays.

Someone will note probably that this is the main topic in our discussions these days, and that is out of question. But the question is that all these projects are of the greatest scale and difficulty. Strictly speaking we have never dealt with such complicated tasks at once before. A few understand and apprehend them properly. And this is the main obstacle for project support ensuring from any point of view.
Although the necessity of its realization will determine Oblast agenda in 2010.

But we are not only talking we are acting and we have done a great job and we have to finish it. Oblast forms and brings forward big special programs to the federal level to make it possible. A part of expenses in the network of tasks has been considered in the suggested variant of Omsk budget project. But we need more that it why we are going to continue searching for ways and resources during the whole year.
At the same time with the defining regional economy zones that are going forward I think that it.s very important to activate searching for its points of development. in every municipal institution. We have defined economy regions and its main specialization concerning Oblast Strategy. In the adopted programs of municipal development we have defined key .points of development. of territories.
However the gap in the region development level proves that the activity aimed on detecting and supporting these .points. is being held on the low level and it should be reinforced dramatically.
Moreover we have such development projects that is planned to be launched by 2009 in every economy region, and a lot of them are this or either way connected with the projects of the federal importance given above.
It concerns Central economy region that consists of Omsk City and Omsk region in a special way.
In Northern economy region the main emphasis will be made on the launching wood processing projects by companies as .ABA company., GC Titan and .Ecort-dom . in the next year. The fax project will be launched in Znamenskiy region. Projects concerning widening of the production activity of the branch of the .OmPO. Irtysh. plant and wood granules production development are planned to be launched in Tarskiy region.
The exploration works on the new oil and gas deposits will be stirred up in Tarskiy and Tevrizskiy regions. The building projects of the mega company in Azovskiy region, brisk plants in Marjanovskiy and Azovskiy regions, widening of the construction materials production in Isilkulskiy region are the main .development points. of the western economy region.
Together with 'Vimm-Bill-Dann' company we start building of the stockbreeding complex, many plants dealing with deep wood processing and coal producing will be launched in Krutinskiy region.

We plan to continue launching reconstructure and widening of meat processing productions of 'PRODO menagment' company as well as developing of the production of agroholding 'Kontinent' as the means of reinforcing Eastern economy potential in 2009.

A glass-manufacturing plant will be launched in Kormilovskiy region. Mega farms and brick plants will be built in Kormilovskiy and Sargatskiy regions. We plan to carry out tourists infrastructure development of the outdoor recreational zones that we have as well as to develop flax processing on the territory of Muromcevskiy region.

Launching of an raps oil processing plant in Tavricheskiy region is one of the main projects of South region development next year. T

he development of the wag wheel-pairs repairing factory on Irtishskaya station will be continued. Grain processing workshop and diary will be launched in Cherlakskiy region.
Main investment projects concerning Oblast economy development projects will be carried out using maximum of the resources that have been established on the federal level of the development institutes, as Investment Fund of the Russian Federation and Development Bank. Two great regional projects in the network of changed rules have been shown to the Region Ministry these days. These projects are at the very end and they will be among winners beyond all doubts.
Along with ensuring a support while dealing with the projects given above government will pay special attention to Omsk companies integration to the bigger Russian or foreign corporations and holdings in commercial production sphere.
A concern .Ankhajzer Bush-InBev. was established with joined Omsk brewhouse on its premisses, .Junilever. company has bought joint stock .Inmarko., merger of holding Co Ltd .Prodo menegement. cause of the joining joint stock .Kalachinskiy masokombinat., merger of .Sibur-Russkie shini. and .Amtel. with joining joint stock .Omskshina. is suggested. Problems that are connected with reorganization of such defensive enterprises as: FSUE .Omsktransmash.- .KBTM., FSUE .OMO named after P.I. Baranov., FSUE .TSKBA.- Omsk plant .Avtomatika. will be fixed next year in the network of the federal integrated structures.
All these processes without no doubt have a good impact on the level and quality of regional production basis development. Among them we can enumerate sufficient capital investment, new technologies, ensuring of the steady number of orders, increasing efficiency of taking part in the federal programs, growing number of work places and a wage-push. Another words everything that we need. However we do remember about the peculiarities of modern Russian legislation, that doesn.t only let but stimulate applying of the so called processing schemes, that wash out a part of the resources, we do remember about attendant and making this process possible structural changes, and as a result we do remember about decreasing of the local control and influence level under those joint enterprises. That.s why one of the main tasks of 2009 concerning this direction is to achieve a significant shift in co operational methods with big enterprises and their administration in order to set up organized work concerning production development, remaining Oblast tax incomes and reinforcing social defense of employees.

New investment projects implementation and modernization of the productions for a long time have been oriented to the more dynamic growth of innovational and import substituting production. The quota of the innovational industry goods shipped shows us the growth more than in 3,5 times- it is a very good sign. But economists think that social and economy development of the next year will grow only by 10%, which to my mind is neither a problem, moreover nor a complicated task, we will get it anyway. But we cannot be satisfied with it in any possible way.
We have to even if not to repeat but to get closer at least to the result in 2008. We have to double our development as minimum. We can make it with the total innovational production goods cost in 6-6,5 billion rubles against 3,5 billion as it was estimated this year.
We have everything to achieve this goal. Apart from projects enumerated above, we have totally innovative methods such as planning and launching work of the Centre of projecting micro electronic systems on the crystals on the basis of Omsk instrument making institute, which will let to produce the big special integral schemes. Further development of 'Siberian Centre of Machine producing' project that is able to create patterns and produce industrial equipment of any complexity, as well as with usage of the material processing technologies that allow to launch the production of the unique goods for almost all machine enterprises in Omsk. In the nearest future we will finish an establishment of joint stock enterprise 'High Technologies', that will help not only to widen the production of the most modern and complicated items from metal and alloys but to provide numbers of highly qualified in machinery sphere professionals in demand. Etc.
In general, the growth industry production scope should remain its pace and make up not less than 110% by 2008 level.

1.2. Agriculture.
We think that to demand such big program and levels of calculations in the agricultural sphere is quite right.
The main feature of this sphere is that it is being good and regularly financed by budget as any other. But the output remains incommensurable to the power. An annual gain of agricultural production scope is about 1,5-2%, concerning ruble we can say that they are even decreasing. We have a lot of troubles in the diary sphere.

Moreover right after the situation got better, the arrears of wages has begun to grow. Among them are Omsk, Tavricheskiy, Lubinskiy, Odesskiy municipal regions. But still major of these enterprises don't fulfill obligations and still get governmental support, working out such schemes of cooperation with the partner enterprise working in theory for one result so that one enterprise gets subsidies, another affiliated with first one admits arrears of wages.

We think that it is time to shut all the let-outs and we are going to change the approaches concerning help to the agricultural producers, reinforce businessmen agrarians influence as in a growing of wages question so in the ways of elimination of its delay. At the same time we plan to switch to more transparent systematic and firm finance instruments, which could aware us about possible negative problems in the development of the sphere.