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200 km from Omsk but what a complex!
Two archeological and historical monuments are being restored at once in Bolshirechensky district of Omsk region in the
territory of the historical -cultural complex Starina Sibirskaya( Siberian Antiquity).One of them is the house of
coachman Kopev. According to the old-timers stories, Russian writer Alexander Nikolaevich Radishev, who was sent into
exile in 1791, was driving through the Siberian tract and stopped for the rest in the house of coachman Kopev in Takmik
village of Bolshirechensky district (Takmik village is situated 20 km north from Bolshereche). Later the owner of the
house was Lizavetta Kopeva, the countrywoman. This historical building was tried to be placed under tutelage of the
public school or the country administration, however, in times of the newest economic reformations the historical
monument actually remained without supervision and began to ruin, thats why Ministry of culture of Omsk region provided
funds for transportation and restoration of this monument. In November 2004 the house was transported on the territory of
Starina Sibirskayacomplex. At the moment there are restoration works here. The frame has been assembled, put on moss;
scaffolds has been set along the perimeter of the house, installation of window and door blocks has been finished, the
roof has been raftered and lathed. According to the words of Marina Zelitskaya, who is the manager of the research
department of Starina Sibirskaya complex, it is planned to finish with healing (cover with board) till November. The
house will be in the intermittent assembling till spring 2007. The project is accepted to be the monument of the living
architecture of the end of the 18 century. It is planned to place there the museum of coachmanship and arrange Radishevs
The historical-cultural complex Starina Sibirskaya was established on the basis of the museum -exhibition complex ,
which appeared in 1990. The complex, in fact, has opened a new direction in the field of activities of the cultural
institutions in Bolsherechenskiy district the direction concerned with intensification, study, maintenance and
restoration of the national cultural traditions.

Nowadays this complex numbers 10 historical-architectural monuments, the
half of which is under government supervision and protected by law. The employees of the complex work on searching and
collecting of the exponents, the number of which is already 14000 examples. They also write down and decode the most
interesting examples of the Siberian folklore. The handicraft workshops work there in order to become familiar with
ancient technologies of weaving, embroidery, spinning, knitting, decorative woodworking, wood painting traditional toys
manufacture, elm goods manufacture and to reborn them. It is planned to become familiar with cooperage, pottery,
blacksmiths work, patchwork. One of the main aims is to find craftsmen, who know handicraft traditions, to learn and
gain their experience and give knowledge to the younger generation. After this complex had been visited by the Governor
of Omsk region, Leonid Polezhaev, 2 years ago, Starina Sibirskaya was decided to be under the jurisdiction of region
Ministry of Culture. Alexander Gulko,the director of the complex, believes that this step will give new opportunities to
the complex: funds for restoration, renewal of other wooden architectural monuments and development of handicrafts. It is
important that active tourism became not the swanky jack, but the way of learning of national self-consciousness and
values. Ancient monuments and traditions are alive until they feel that future generations need them, untill they are
informed with the new values with the help of careful human hands, - considers Alexander Gulko.
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