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Brass band of Omsk
The history of brass bands counts more then 300 years. At that time as never before they were close to the music of streets, gardens and parks to the music of nature. It seems that they still remain faithful to the chosen theme. Thats why the song In the city garden brass band plays appeared. The music of brass bands is the music for all times. Even today in the twenty first century brass bands are still the soul of every city.

Concert brass band of Omsk was born in October 1991. Musicians mostly from military and symphonic bands come to the just appeared group. At that time Michael Dmitrievich Tarasenko was the art director and chief band-master, practically he turned ordinary band into academic band.

In 1999 Brass band become the member of Philharmonic Society and turned into Concert brass band of Omsk Philharmonic Society.

Today Concert brass band of Omsk Philharmonic Society has 42 members: 37 are musicians, talented and sincere, who treat music as the holy thing.

Classical brass band, such as Omsk brass band, includes four common class instruments, namely: wooden, bronze, percussion and also instruments of saxophonist branch. Mainly melodic flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon present wooden brass instruments. The group of bronze instruments includes baritone, tenor, tuba, French horn, trumpet, trombone. The shine of polished trumpets and peerless power of music make our band unique. The branch of saxophones is something between wooden and bronze instruments. In brass band you can find saxophone-soprano, saxophone-alto, saxophone-tenor and saxophone-baritone. Finally, the fourth instrumental branch is percussion. The original element of percussion instruments is rhythm. Only xylophone, drums, cymbals, rattle, kettle-drum, triangle, castanets can set the rhythm.

Musicians of Concert brass band, such as saxophonist Victor Gariy (soprano) and Erika Gan (alto), trombonist Aleksandr Derjabin, Vladimir Protopopov, Vjacheslav Borisov, Igor Antipov; xylophonist Sergey Mayer and others, can easily boast of being masters in the art of playing different instruments. Often young talented musicians of the city play together with masters of brass band concerts. They are laureate of All-Russian brass band concourse Gleb Iljin (flute), laureate of the First All-Russian concourse Ural Trumpets Alisher Amonov (saxophone-alto), laureate of All-Russian and student of International concourse Roman Kuzmin (xylophone), Vladimir Melnikov (saxophone-alto).

Zulfia Sadikova (mezzo-soprano) and Tatiana Harechko (soprano), laureate of International concourse, are the special pride of the brass band; both of them are soloist-vocalist and brilliantly take their part in solo. Quite often soloists of Musical Theater are invited to take part in the concerts of the brass band. They are Honored artist of Russia, laureate of All-Russian and International concourses Irina Trusova (soprano), honored artist Of Russia Valery Grachunov (baritone), laureate of Omsk Komsomol Prize, laureate of All-Russian artist concourse Vladimir
Yudaev (baritone), Honored artist of Russia Vladimir Nikeev (tenor), Andrey Danilov (baritone).

In the concerts young friends, Dance theater Serpantin, laureate of All-Russian and International festivals, and ensemble Irtishskie Zori, dance to the bass music, give it eternal youth and put in constant motion.

Being in Omsk Philharmonics for 6 years, the brass band has produced about 400 concerts; almost 150 thousand people have seen its performances.
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