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Oksana Kuleshova
Oksana Kuleshova is a popular Omsk organist. She has participated in numerous All-Russian and international competitions and festivals as a pianist and a concertmaster. The musician has both played with a chamber ensemble (clavecin, organ) and soloed in a chamber academic orchestra. She has gained a wide concert experience playing with vocalists, violinists and academic chorus. She keeps gathering full concert halls and attracting a lot of admirers.
How did it all start? How did maestro Kuleshova manage to achieve such a success? Let us look back at her early years.

Oksana is six. Her family is cultured. Her brother studies in Petropavlovsk Music School. It is he who seemed more likely to become a musician, but fate decreed that he would become a jurist. The parents want their daughter to be a doctor. But the charming sounds of black-and-white keys are more to the little girls liking: she wants to study music as her brother does and dreams about the music school she has heard so lot of. Her parents dont mind: She`ll suffer a little and give up, they think. But they are mistaken! The young pianist doesnt give up studying. Vica versa she gets absorbed in music with all her heart, and after graduating she continues this way deliberately by entering the piano department of Petropavlovsk Music College. Thus she makes a professional step on the road to the future music career.

When a college student, she hears organ for the first time, but not a real sound, just a record of it. Thats why she isnt that impressed by the instrument. The girl of musical talent is to hear real live organ only in conservatory.

So, walking confidently up her music track, Oksana graduates from the college and goes to Alma-Ata intending to enter the piano department of conservatory. Having done her best she succeeds again. A transient moment for Oksanas career comes she has visited her first live organ concert, which is to become crucial for her fate. The impression left by real organ sound is immense. Now Oksana is eager to master this majestic royal instrument. The young girl is lucky a new organ class is being made up in the conservatory. As a result Oksana graduates from Alma-Ata Conservatory having acquired two professions: organist and pianist.

After her graduating she settles down in Omsk. Why this Siberian town? For some time she was uncertain: Omsk or Novosibirsk. She even had the opportunity to go abroad. But our city has won. And the famous Omsk organ is in large part responsible for this: the best organ in Siberia! Oksana has really fallen in love with Omsk instrument-orchestra. The royal instrument is known as very capricious: the sound quality can be easily affected by the slightest temperature fluctuations, pressure, humidity, the number of listeners. However, the musician has got on with it quite well and caught the fancy of the audience. This is how Oksana, having passed her thorny path, became a shining star of organ music.

Oksana Kuleshova performs musical compositions of different periods and styles: from baroque music to the music of modern authors. She is fond of romantic music and says that every great composer has his own masterpiece. If you feel deeply the time the composition was created, its easier to understand it and to make it understandable for the audience, the musician notes.

Omsk organist is always interested in cooperation with famous, uncommon musicians. Oksana accompanied Nadezhda Komarova (soprano) - the charming Grand Prix winner of All-Russian contest. Thanks to Oksana, Omsk witnessed a world musical premiere. Together with a chamber orchestra Oksana brilliantly performed the organ composition by James Patton (England). The most graceful organist, she likes to experiment by creating unusual concerts: organ plus saxophone, organ plus violin plus viola, organ plus domra. In the nearest future she promises her listeners a lot of creative presents. What next? She cant foresee, but she is sure that music is her fate. She loves it so much, and this feeling seems to be mutual.
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