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Omsk Academic Theatre of Drama
Omsk Academic Theatre of Drama is the oldest theatre of the city, established in 1874 on money contributed by the Omsk society by subscription. The building of the theatre, being a historical and architectural monument, was built in 1905 on funds appropriated by the Urban Duma. The projects author is architect I.G.Hvorinov.

In 1991 there was opened a chamber stage named after Tatyana Ozhigova. From 2001 till 2004 there was a global restoration of the building, financed by the budget of Omsk region. The history of the theatre is closely connected with the history of the country. In the 20s of the 20th century the theatre was nationalized, in 30s many members of the group were subjected to repression for formalism. From 1941 till 1943 the company of the Moscow theatre named after E. Vahtangov, which was evacuated to Omsk, performed on the stage of Omsk Drama Theatre (Omsk actors performed 3 times a week, Moskow actors 4 times a week) In 1962 Migdat Hanzharov became the director of the theatre , who defined the activity of the theatre for many years forward.

From 1983 the Theatre has been called Academic Theatre of Drama.

Omsk Drama was awarded twice with the State Prize of RSFSR named after K.S. Stanislavskiy: in 1973 for the play The soldiers wife by N.Ankilov(laureate awards were given to author Nikolay Ankilov, stage-producer Yakov Kirzhner, actors Boris Kashirin, Tatyana Ozhegova, Valeriya Procop), in 1985 for the play The war hasnt female features by S. Alekseevich (Laureate awards were given to stage-producer Gennadiy Trostyanetskiy, actresses Nataliya Vasiliadi, Nadezhda Nadezhdina, Kapitolina Barkovskaya, Elena Psareva, Elizaveta Romanenko.

The theatre is the repeated participant and laureate of the National Theatre Festival Golden Mask:

- in 1997 with the play The woman in sands by K.Abe. Awards: Best stage-managers work(stage manager Vladimir Petrov), Best male performance, (actor Mihail Okunev), Best female performance(actress Araki Kadzhuko). The eldest actress of the theatre, the national artist of Russia Elena Ivanovna Psareva was awarded with the premium For Honor and Dignity;

- in 2002 with the play Invitation to execution by V.Nabokov (stage-manager Oleg Ribkin) Awards: the performer of Tsitsilias role, Nataliya Vasiliadi, was awarded with the Juries Special Prize;

- in 2003 with the play Brother Chichikov by N.Sadur (stage-manager Sergey Stebluyk);

- in 2004 with the play Summer Residents by A.Peshkov (stage-manager E.Marchelly);

- in 2005 with the play The King is dying by E.Ionesko (stage-manager Vyacheslav Kokorin).

In 1999 the national artist of Russia Yuriy Itskov was awarded on the IX International Festival with the premium For Best male Performance for Tsenzors role in the play Academy of Laugh by K. Mitani (stage-manager Vladimir Petrov)

From October 2003 Honored Art Worker of Russia Evgeniy Marchelli is the senior stage manager of the Theatre.

Omsk Drama always was famous for its actors. Petr Nekrasov, Aleksey Teplov, Nozhery Chonishvily, Alexander Shegolev, Tatyana Ozhegova, Boris Kashirin, Elena Psareva are famous national artists, pride of Russian Theatre Art, unfortunately, passed away. Nowadays there are 42 actors in the company of the theatre, among whom national artists of Russia Valeriy Alekseev, Moisey Vasiliady, Evgeniy Smirnov, honored artists of Russia Elena Aroseva, Nataliya Vasiliady, Nadezhda Nadezhdina, Yuriy Muzichenko, Michail Okunev, Valeriy Prokop, Elizaveta Romanenko, actors Ilona Brodskaya, Vladimir Devyatkov, Vladimir Mayzinger, Yulia Pelevina, Ekaterina Potapova, Vladislav Puzirnikov, Oleg Teplouhov, Anna Hodyun and the others.

The theatre productively collaborates with the Russian and Foreign stage-managers, choreographers and actors. There are about 20 names on the playbills of the theatre, which includes The Main Stage and The Chamber Stage named after Tatyana Ozhegova. These are staging on the plays both of the Russian and foreign authors of classical and modern repertoire.

During the last 10 years theaters performances were seen by the inhabitants of Omsk Region, Norilsk, Surgut, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarka, Samara, Tomsk, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tolyatti, The USA, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Costa-Rica, Czechia, Poland, Latvia, France and Kazakhstan.
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