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Omsk travel package
As most travellers come to Omsk through the Transsib-line and make just a short stop-over ( sometimes even without putting up at the hotel), we designed for you an attractive sight-seeing program in Omsk.

City tour with guide, 3 hours, from 1 to 6 persons:
50 EURO for the group
from 7 persons then=10,- per person

1. City tour with guide ( 3,5 hours)= 80,- per car. With visit to one of museums of your choice ( the list is given below).

E-mail: surehand@list.ru

We can also book hotels for you or organize other activities at your wish.
Some cultural Highlights
Omsk as the capital of Russia in 1918 – 1919 and center of anti-bolshevik resistance in Siberia.

We show you where the last non-bolshevik government of Russia sat before its collapse in 1920 – a really beautiful building as most of the official buildings of that time were. The Bolsheviks that came to power after that left no traces of architectural wonders on the Omsk landscape. Oddly enough taking into consideration the fact that they governed for almost 70 years!

During your stay in the City we also show you our museums at wish.

Excursions List.

1. Fine Arts Museum.
This museum contains a very good collection of Russian and
European painting of the 18th-20th centuries. There is a nice collection of crystal
and china.

2. History Museum.
The museum is housed in the residence of the Govenor of Siberia. This museum shows the life of the Omsk region from the Stone Age till present time.

3. Dostoevski Museum.
This museum is housed in a prison of the 19th century where
the outstanding Russian writer Dostoevski spent his exile.

4. Painter's house.
This house belongs to a family of a Siberian painter Belov.
The house is a splendid example of Siberian wooden architecture. The furniture and
the decor in the house represent the style of a city-dweller of the late 19th
century and early 20th century. There is a collection of Belov's paintings. In the
dining room the visitors are treated to tea and traditional Siberian pie.

We would be happy to address all your questions and concerns in making this the
most comfortable and enjoyable trip.